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Is there any way of adding categories such as Campers, Poptops, Caravans and Motorhomes in the order by? This would make it easy for my customers to find the type of RV they require. Any other suggestions on how to solve this would be appreciated
Registered: Apr 2008
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AutoDirector doesn't have categories, but I'd suggest:

1. Change the "more information" box to have the category name at the start, e.g. "Caravan: this is a ...".

2. Now open client/carlist.js in an editor. After between lines 61 and 72 you'll see the sorting types. Add these lines somewhere in that list (e.g. if you want them first, add them before "price, highest first"):

sortTypes[st++] = { name: "category, A-Z", sort: function(a, b) { return SortCars(,, 1); } };
sortTypes[st++] = { name: "category, Z-A", sort: function(a, b) { return SortCars(,, 1); } };

I hope that helps.

AutoDirector administrator

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