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Request: A field showing "Created By"

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Registered: Feb 2011
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Until the Auto-Trader like functionality is implemented (from previous suggestions), would it be possible to have an additional field which shows the original creator, as well as "modified by".

We have a number of clients who are now putting their cars on the system. I want it to be simple for them to see which adverts belong to them. The Admin sometimes has to go in and alter the adverts if they aren't formatted correctly. When this happens, it removes the name of the person who created the article.

If that could be implemented, it would be fantastic.


Registered: Apr 2008
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Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, that change is unlikely to appear in v1, although it's something we will consider for future versions.

As an idea, perhaps you could create a separate administrator account for every client using a similar name?
AutoDirector administrator

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