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Hello there, excellent product, but at any stage will there be a away for my customer to log in and upload vehicles. The main screen for inputting the details is so plain and easy to use that I would love to let my customers upload their own vehicles for sale. It would also save me alot of admin time. Maybe there is a way and you could advise.
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Hello Shaun,

Absolutely - AutoDirector is designed for your clients! It was initially written because I didn't want to spend time adding and removing vehicles on a client's website.

From the initial "site administration" screen, click the user administration icon for your showroom. You cn then add a new user, enter your client's email address, and tick which showrooms they are allowed to update.

Note that "admin permission" means they can change the showroom setup, e.g. image dimensions, email address, etc. Granting "user permission" means they can only update vehicles. Note that only you - the super user - can add and configure new showrooms.

Once you click "save user", AutoDirector will send an email to that person with a random password. They can then log in, but they will only see the showrooms they have permission to manage. In fact, if a person only has user permissions for one showroom, they will only ever see the "vehicle administration" page after logging on.

To remove a user, simply "edit" a user and remove all their permissions.

I hope that helps - it'll save you a great deal of time and your clients will be pleased with their new website editing powers! :D
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