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I have a client that would like to list their vehicles on their website. AutoDirector looks to be good, except for one thing that I don't see mentioned: how well does it cooperate with search engines? It's very important to have a solution that will show the listings on search engines such as Google in order for people to easily locate the site and vehicles.


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The AutoDirector showroom is an Ajax application. Owing to the way it works on any website or server, some search engines will have difficulty indexing your cars. However, if you have a high turnover of stock, it's unlikely that any search engine will pick up your current inventory - most take several weeks to update their indexes.

What AutoDirector does offer is the ability to put the showroom on multiple pages without the need for custom templates. Those pages can feature strong keywords and use techniques that attract search engine traffic better than most 'typical' showroom software.

For example, you could have a page that mentions you're a BMW specialist. "BMW" would be picked up even if you actually had no BMWs in stock at that moment.

We are considering a server-side showroom in v2.0 that will make it easier for search engines to index (as well as the existing version). These are offered by most competing products, but have the disadvantage that they won't work everywhere and customisation is usually more difficult.

I hope that helps!
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As Craig said, your better off SEO 'ing your search page with useful phrases like "looking for used bmw's" then see our selection below...
setup a sitemap as well, and twist the entry for your search page to "updated daily" with rank of 1 and the other pages to 0.1 updated monthly.

Then submit your sitemap to google using a google account

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