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Thanks for the help! 1 more questiong :)

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Thanks for the help so far it really is appreciated!

I've got another question,

When viewing an item's details I'd like the back button to go back to the previous page (ie the show room).

I know that there are links at the top and bottom of the details, but I was wondering what would I need to do to be able to use the browsers back button.

In carlist.js I've changed the url so that it includes the item's id number. The url shows correctly, but it seems that there is a click event somewhere overriding the url.

setup.Tlist='<a id="ad_id[id]" href="?id=[id]"

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Unfortunately, making the browser back (and forward) buttons work is a little tricky. AutoDirector never refreshes the page - it just changes the content according to user events. There are ways to implement back button functionality, but they're a bit hacky and don't work well in all browsers.

We will look into it again, though.
AutoDirector administrator

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