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Registered: Jul 2011
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I'm looking at purcasing your script but have the following questions;

Is it possible to split out the serch function to another iframe? I would like to have the results in one iframe, with the search function either in a line across the page, or insert them into a column.

The other question I have is where do I change the year, make, model, etc in the ad/edit vehicle admin pages and the display vehicle front end page? I have managed to change them on the search page but i'm struggling to find them elsewhere?


Registered: Apr 2008
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Hi hogman,

You don't need the search form in another frame - log into AutoDirector, go to the 'site list' screen, click the 'integration options' icon (the last one), and choose "create your own search form". If necessary, you can hide the full search form using CSS.

As for your second question, from the 'site' screen click the car icon for a showroom. Now click the "edit->" link next to any vehicle.
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