AutoDirector demonstrations

An example AutoDirector virtual showroom is shown here. You can use your own CSS styles or any of the stylesheets provided, e.g. modern, blue, red, classic, professional, clean, compact.

You can also access the AutoDirector control panel to edit vehicles.

just one line of code

Only one line of code is required to include an AutoDirector-controlled showroom on any website:

<div id="autodirector"></div> <script type="text/javascript" src=";style=modern"> </script>

Copy this code to the <body> of any web page and try it for yourself.

control panel demonstration

To use the example control panel, visit the AutoDirector control panel and log in using:

log in ID: [email protected]
password: guest

This account allows you to access the trial car stock list and add, modify, or remove vehicles.

Please note that some options are restricted. This is a live system and more than one person may be accessing at a time. Settings may change without you taking any action. The system is publicly available, so please do not use offensive, abusive or defamatory language. We cannot be held responsible for content entered by users of this system. Please contact us if you discover content that does not adhere to these terms.

v1.9 available for download now

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