AutoDirector FAQ

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How much does AutoDirector cost?

Refer to the purchase page to calculate the cost and tax in your local currency.

What are the server requirements for the AutoDirector control panel?

You will require PHP and MySQL. Refer to the AutoDirector system requirements for more information.

How do I deploy a showroom to another website?

You just need to paste one line of HTML code into the page. Unlike other advertising systems, AutoDirector does not require special templates, frames, coding or server technologies on the target website.

Can I change the showroom design?

Yes. A range of styles are provided, but you can use your own CSS to change colour, fonts and layout.

How quickly will my showroom updates appear?

Your showroom is updated immediately - hit your browser's refresh button if necessary.

Can I import stock data from other products?

Yes. Any product that can save a CSV data file and vehicle images can be imported into AutoDirector. You just need to define a data import profile that maps the data to AutoDirector fields (an example is provided).

Are international versions of AutoDirector available?

Yes. An AutoDirector showroom can be set up to use UK Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros. UK or US words will then be used as appropriate, e.g. colour / color, gearbox / transmission, etc.

Is any other software is required?

No - you just need a web browser to access the AutoDirector control panels. We recommend Mozilla Firefox, but you can use Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera.

A basic graphics package may help you produce better car pictures - see photography tips below.

Do I require a fast broadband Internet connection?

No - a dialup modem is fine, although broadband is recommended if you are uploading many pictures.

Is AutoDirector secure?

Yes - it is only possible to update a stock list if you log on. Passwords are kept secret - they will not even be known by the administrator who adds a new user.

What is AJAX?

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is not a product, but a term to describe set of technologies and ideas that means a web page can update without reloading. AutoDirector uses AJAX to integrate a showroom on any website.

How do I upload car photographs?

AutoDirector will optimise your photographs to make sure they download quickly. However, you should ensure your image file sizes are as small as possible before uploading. In most cases, you should set your digital camera to the smallest resolution - 1 mega-pixels is adequate.

card readerHaving taken your photos, you need to transfer the images to your PC using the supplied leads or a memory card reader.

It is not necessary to edit your images if the camera produces JPG files, however, you might want to crop unnecessary background, brighten or sharpen the image, or reduce the file size further. Many free graphics packages are available, e.g.

  • XnView: an image viewer with basic editing functions (Windows)
  • InfanView: an image viewer and converter (Windows)
  • PhotoPlus: a commercial graphics package now available as freeware (Windows)
  • The Gimp: a PhotoShop-like image editor for advanced users (Windows and Linux).

Note that we can not provide support or assistance for any of these products.

To upload a photograph to your showroom:

  1. vehicle administration iconFrom the site list screen, click the car icon to access the vehicle administration screen.
  2. Click Add a new vehicle or edit an existing vehicle.
  3. select image dialogClick Browse... next to an empty box, select the JPG image you require and click OK.
  4. Repeat the last step as required.
  5. Click upload pictures.

Your images are uploaded, resized, and a thumbnail is created. Photographs can then be examined, rearranged or deleted as required.

v1.9 available for download now

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